About us

Who are we?

Whado is an online platform for activities and events.Our aim is to be the number one platform that connects people and activities, no matter where they are in the world. You can expect from us that your next adventure is always within reach. That means no longer having to search for hours for an activity or outing, but being able to choose directly from the total picture. Whether you're looking for an afternoon at the zoo, an escape room or a walk through nature, Whado has you covered!

How does it work?

Whado is a controlled community driven platform. This means that our team, as well as the users and the providers of the activities can contribute to the content of the platform. For example, we encourage companies to supplement and actively maintain information about their activity, and users can in turn share their experiences via Whado with others. In this way we ensure that all users benefit from our platform!

Where did it start?

Whado was born from the own needs of founders Lars van den Bosch and Marcel van Nuil. Abroad, the two former college friends, who have been successfully doing business together in the field of software development for many years, regularly noticed how difficult it can be to find activities in a well-organized manner. The main reason for this turned out to be the lack of transparency of other advertising-driven commercial platforms. They saw a gap in the market in a reliable and objective platform. And so it happened. With the aim of transparently offering activities and outings worldwide, Marcel and Lars founded Whado in February 2021 from their office in Zwolle. Not only clear and easy to use, but also free for all parties involved.

The two entrepreneurs initially started with a focus on the Netherlands, but now they can proudly say that Whado has crossed the Dutch border long and wide. With an enthusiastic team of seven passionate adventurers and developers, Lars and Marcel work hard every day to make Whado a worldwide success. The founders are also the owners of parent company NewHeap, a full-service software development company that specializes in developing comprehensive software solutions and applications. With this knowledge in their pocket, they ensure that Whado is expanded daily with new features that make the platform even more user-friendly.

Win win

With accessibility for everyone as an important core value, Whado creates a win-win situation. By submitting your activity or event on our platform, the platform can grow and we learn from the content. In exchange for you entering, completing and keeping your activity or event up-to-date, we make sure that you are found well. Not only on Whado, but also on platforms such as the various well-known search engines, hotels, tourist and information points. Our platform is now available in four languages and provided with complete practical information about the activities. This way you will find everything you need for a successful day in one place!