Make your event or outing public with Whado

Do you want more people to be able to find your company, outing or event? Then sign up at Whado now! In the coming months we will be adding new activities on our map and this is your chance to put your activity, exhibition or event in the spotlight. And completely free too!

What is Whado?

Whado is a community-driven platform that allows users to search for nearby activities via an app on their phone. Event organizers can place these on the map and include all information that is important to visitors, such as opening times, prices, photos, videos and links to their website.

And not only organizers can post their outing on Whado, users of the platform also have the option to add activities. For example, a museum that is unfamiliar with Whado can still end up on the map. In addition, we have put together a team of experts who set out on their own to constantly discover new activities and put them on the map. Because everyone participates in Whado, the platform is becoming increasingly extensive and there are now thousands of activities on the map.

Whado is ready to expand globally

The idea for Whado comes from Lars van den Bosch and Marcel van Nuil from the successful software company NewHeap in Zwolle. With their knowledge of the advanced techniques that lie behind a large platform such as Whado, they have completely optimized these to be able to put activities on the map not only in the Netherlands, but to make this possible worldwide.

Lars van de Bosch is the technical man behind the scenes at Whado:

“We have used our knowledge of technology and software to completely nail everything down on a technical level. We are all set to allow Whado to grow significantly in the short term.”

The platform allows users to indicate what kind of activity they are looking for. For example, if that is a sporting outing, you can click on the 'sporty' category, after which all sporting activities in the area will be shown immediately.

Marcel van Nuil is mainly concerned with the front of the platform:

“We made an app with Whado that we needed ourselves. While on holiday with friends, we found out how difficult it is to find fun activities nearby. Whado makes it much easier to see what there is to do in the area.”


In addition to the app, also digital pillars and physical folders

Whado's capabilities don't stop at Whado's website and app. The information from events and companies is also published in hardcopy form. These are small booklets full of tourist information that are distributed per region. In addition, options are being explored for digital kiosks - kiosks with a touchscreen that are placed in municipalities and where people can find activities in the area by clicking on the screen. Any additional information can be printed directly from the kiosk.


Rent a sailboat
Rent a sailboat
Group accommodation
Group accommodation
Open air cinema
Open air cinema

What’s in it for you?

Why bother to enter your event on Whado? Simple: it ensures that you are found better. Not only by people from the neighbourhood, but also by tourists, for example, because your information is automatically translated into different languages. Entering data only takes a few minutes and is completely free. Enter your activity here.

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Your event or activity may already be on our platform. Therefore, first check whether your activity can already be found on our platform. You can submit a change request via the menu on the landing page of your activity or platform.

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