Whado Kiosk

The Whado Kiosk is a digital information kiosk that allows passers-by to quickly and easily see what there is to see and experience in the area. You place the stand-alone Kiosk at your own location, creating a tourist information point. An extra service to your audience and very useful for anyone looking for something to do, in a place where they are not well known.

Benefits of the Kiosk

Kiosk de Wolden


Provide more interaction with your audience by placing a Whado Kiosk. You decide what visitors see, they decide what they click on.

Always up to date

Adjusted opening hours? Announce a temporary event? The Newsstand lets you share real-time information to keep your audience always up-to-date.

No flyers

Thanks to the Kiosk, handing out flyers is no longer necessary. That saves a lot of work, a lot of mess and is of course a lot better for the environment.


Respond directly to the interests of your target group with the data that the Whado Kiosk stores for you.

For whom

  • Municipality (TIP)
    Make sure that the tourist information points are always up-to-date, digital and not dependent on flyers.
  • Hotels, Campsites, holiday parks
    Inform guests about nearby activities, events and attractions.
  • Events
    Use the Kiosk to let visitors discover your event, check in and order (digital) drink tokens.
  • Exhibition locations
    Use the Kiosk to let visitors discover your exhibition and/or register.


Your Kiosk, your rules. Control what the Kiosk shows. Put yourself on top, hide competitive activities or promote your most important partners.

extra options

  • QR code reader
  • Payment module
  • Own house style
  • Receipt printer


The costs for the Kiosk depend on your requirements and wishes. A fully customized Kiosk with stickers and all other extras has a different price than a basic model. Feel free to contact us without obligation to inquire about prices.

Request the Whado Kiosk

Would you like to have your own tourist information point at your location? Do you want to provide a special extra service to your audience with the Whado Kiosk? Be ahead of the competition and contact us directly for more information.