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Kartplaza Actionworld - Nijverdal - Nederland
Kartplaza Actionworld - Nijverdal - Nederland
1 uur
Kartplaza Actionworld Bowling - Nijverdal
Bowling at 1 of the 10 fully automatic bowling lanes. You can bowl with a maximum of 6 people per lane. The Magic MTV Bowling is a unique experience on Friday and Saturday evenings between 8:00
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Kartplaza Actionworld Laser gaming - Nijverdal
Wild west laser tag, 1 game takes about 15 minutes.1 game laser tag €9.002 games laser tag €17.50
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1 uur
Kartplaza Actionworld Escape rooms - Nijverdal
Choose from 1 of the two escape rooms, the tasting room or the factory.You have 60 minutes to escape. 
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Kartplaza Actionworld paintball - Nijverdal
Outdoor paintball. With 100 balls you enter the area and try to capture the opponent's flag. You have one and a half hours of playing time.You can of course buy extra balls, this is 2
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Kartplaza Actionworld Archery tag - Nijverdal
You can play archery shoot here in two different game modes. Capture the flag and the Hunger game. A game lasts an hour to 1.5 hours. 
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1.5 uur
Kartplaza Actionworld Climbing park - Nijverdal
Climbing 1, 4, and 7 meters high. Push your limits with over 40 different obstacles. From 5 years old with a reach height of 1.40m you can complete the 1 meter high course.For
YU MAN RACE - Nijverdal - Nederland
2 uur
Su 03Sep2023
YU MAN RACE Survival run - Nijverdal
The YU MAN RACE is a spectacular race for all levels! Beginners or winners, for gold or for fun, individuals or teams. You choose your own distance (5, 10, 15 or 21 km) and experience the 4 different
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Sauna Nijverdal Wellness center - Nijverdal
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ZINiN Theater Theater - Nijverdal
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ZINiN Nijverdal Cinema - Nijverdal
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1 uur
Partycentrum Mölke Bowling - Zuna
A nice bowling alley. Bumpers possible for the children. 60 minutes bowling €25.00 per lane90 minutes bowling €37.50 per lane
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Golfclub De Koepel golf - Wierden


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Frequently asked question about Karting

How much does weight save with karting?
Weight makes a big difference. There is a difference of about 0.15 second / 5 kg. As the weight increases, the difference is slightly greater. Most experienced drivers feel best with a weight of 80-85 kg. Then the kart is most stable and still has perfect power!
What clothes should I wear while go-karting?
It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing while karting. It is also mandatory to wear long pants and closed (flat) shoes. Loose clothing is not allowed. Long hair should be pinned up so that it is under the helmet.
What is an apex?
The apex is the deepest point of the line through the middle of a turn. This point is often, but not always, the geometric center of the bend. Hitting the apex causes the racing car to take the best possible line and maintain the highest speed.
What is the ideal racing line?
The best racing line is the line that has the shortest line across the track, with as little steering as possible. When you have to steer a lot you lose a lot of speed and we don't want that. Make the turn in as straight a line as possible by starting at the base in each turn on the outside, then cutting inward (at the apex) and ending on the outside again. Then you have the straightest line that does not make too many meters. This means you have to steer as little as possible, so you can maintain speed.
What rules apply during karting?
During kart races, different flags are used to indicate the situation on the track: Blue flag, you are being overtaken by a faster driver and must allow passage at the next safe place. Yellow flag (flashing lights): Kart stationary on the circuit, slowing down at that location is necessary and overtaking is FORBIDDEN. Red flag: immediately stop at that spot. Black Flag: Ignoring flags, deliberately colliding with or hindering other drivers. Finally, the black and white checkered flag: end of the session, all karts slowly enter the pits.
What should I know when I go karting?
There are some topics that you can take advantage of before you get into the kart: Use the ideal racing line, sacrifice corners for other corners, use your weight, forget 'braking is fear' certainly don't use your brake and gas at the same time , don't brake and steer at the same time and finally watch some 'onboard' videos.


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Setting Indoor
Average time3uur


From priceFor adults€17.50


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  8,476.79 km from Denver, United States

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Lost your energy? Feel like driving fast? On the go-kart track you are at the right place for a strong boost of extra adrenaline and to practice your steering skills. Will you be the first to cross the finish line today?
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