Kasteel de Haar - Utrecht - NederlandSven Peeters - Whado
Kasteel de Haar - Utrecht - NederlandSven Peeters - Whado
Kasteel de Haar - Utrecht - NederlandSven Peeters - Whado
Kasteel de Haar - Utrecht - NederlandSven Peeters - Whado
Kasteel de Haar  
Castle in Utrecht

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Country Christmas Fair - Utrecht - Nederland
Country Christmas Fair - Utrecht - Nederland
4 uur
Mo 21Nov2022
Tu 22Nov2022
We 23Nov2022
Th 24Nov2022
Th 24Nov2022
Fr 25Nov2022
Sa 26Nov2022
Su 27Nov2022
Country Christmas Fair 2023 Christmas market - Utrecht
The Country & Christmas Fair is one of the more unique Christmas markets in the Benelux! It is held on the unique grounds of De Haar Castle. This fair takes place from Tuesday, November 21 to Saturday
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Golfclub De Haar golf - Utrecht
City Skydive - Utrecht - Nederland
City Skydive - Utrecht - Nederland
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City Skydive Indoor skydiving - Utrecht
Fly in the air with wind speeds between 200 and 300 kilometers per hour, produced by powerful turbines at City Skydive.'
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MFA Safari (Sportfondsen Stichtse Vecht BV) Swimming - Maarssen
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Skatebaan Vleuterweide skate park - Utrecht
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Real Life Escape Escape rooms - Maarssen
You can do exciting puzzles with your friends in Real Life Escape Escape Room in .
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Zwem- en Recreatiepark De Koet Swimming - Kockengen
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Fr 09Dec2022
Sa 10Dec2022
Kerstmarkt Harmelen Christmas market - Harmelen
Christmas market Harmelen is an attractive covered Christmas market at the beautiful location of the H2O recreation center in Harmelen. This event will take place on Friday December 9, 2022 (4-9pm) an
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Kartfabrique Karting
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Kartfabrique - Prison Island Strategy and orientation - Utrecht
38 different cells, with a command in each cell. Get as many points as possible! 1 hour prison island €17.501.5 hours prison island €25.00
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Kartfabrique Laser gaming - Utrecht
Laser gaming in an area of 900m2, with 3 floors. A heat lasts an average of 12 minutes. 
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Fr 16Dec2022
Kerstmarkt Maarssen Christmas market - Maarssen
This year the Lichtjesavond Maarssen will take place for the 12th time and this year on December 16, 2022 from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm . From Harmonieplein to Pieter


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Frequently asked question about Castle

What function did a castle have in the past?
Castles used to have various functions, such as a (military) refuge or a home for a family or group of people. This distinguishes a castle from a palace (which is not fortified), from a fortress (which is not a residence of a noble) and from a walled city (collective defense).
What is the difference between a palace and a castle?
Today the word 'castle' has a more general meaning. We usually use it to indicate a house of a nobleman. The nobility usually did not live in a fortress or palace, but in a castle. With 'palace' we indicate the residence of a reigning monarch or royal family.
What types of castles are there?
City Castles: This is a noble residence in an average city. It is a defensible tower or house that housed someone important such as a knight or nobleman.

< b>Concentric castle: This kind of castle originated from the crusades. The people in the Crusades encountered such fortresses in the Middle East. In a concentric fortress, the important buildings are located in the middle, in the courtyard. A solid wall or moat has been built around it for defence.

Ringwalburcht: This is one of the oldest kind of castles. This was often a settlement, inn or other building surrounded by an often wooden wall for protection only. So it was not actually a traditional castle as we recognize it today.
What types of castles are there?
Residential tower or donjon: This is a heavily fortified tower that could serve as both a residence and a place of last refuge. The keep was very heavily guarded and difficult to take. Often the keep was used as part of a castle, but there are also examples in which a keep is used as a separate castle.

Motte: A highly secured castle that was built on an excavated hill, giving tactical advantages. A motte was often accompanied by a few Donjons and at the bottom there was often a forecourt with a few stables.

Moated castle or moated castle: One of the most common types of castles. Moated castles are always surrounded by a moat or some other form of water (for example a lake) and have only a few defensive walls as the main defenses. Inside, there was often a courtyard surrounded by outbuildings and the castle.
When can you call a castle a castle?
The two most important conditions for calling a building a castle are ‘habitability’ and ‘defensibility’. Other requirements are that a castle was built before 1800, is located in a non-urban environment, has a knightly character and is the center of a seigneury or large estate.
When were most castles built?
Most castles were built before 1800, if the castle was built after that time, it may not officially be called a castle.
Why do most castles have a moat?
The main task of the moat was to prevent the enemy from approaching the castle or fortress in order to storm the battlements with the help of ladders.


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Average time5uur


From priceFor adults€19.00




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Knights and damsels, drawbridges, moats and battlements and cannons. Castles always appeal to the imagination. Some castles are still well preserved, others are just ruins. Find out here whether there is a beautiful castle in your area to visit.
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