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Openbare Golfclub Dronten  
golf in Dronten

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Golfclub Golfresidentie Dronten golf - Dronten
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Optisport Aat de Jonge Zwembad Swimming pool - Dronten
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De Meerpaal Theater - Dronten
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De Meerpaal Cinema - Dronten
De Rede - Dronten - Nederland
De Rede - Dronten - Nederland
De Rede - Dronten - Nederland
De Rede - Dronten - Nederland
De Rede Restaurant - Dronten
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1 uur
ATC Dronten Padel - Dronten
Padel members and combi members can make unlimited reservations for an available tennis court with their KNLTB pass via the electronic sign. With 2 (or 3) players you can paddle for at least 30 minute
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Ski-Inn Dronten To ski - Dronten
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Brouwerij Praght Beer brewery - Dronten
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B.A.S. Biddinghuizen Padel - Biddinghuizen
We ask everyone to make a reservation 24 hours in advance. For rules regarding corona, we recommend that you keep an eye on our website: Have you made a reservation but it still does
Defqon 1 - Biddinghuizen - Nederland
8 uur
Su 25Jun2023
Th 22Jun2023
Fr 23Jun2023
Sa 24Jun2023
Defqon 1 Festival - Biddinghuizen
Defqon 1 is an annual music festival that takes place in Biddinghuizen. The festival is one of the largest hardstyle and hardcore dance festivals in the world and attracts thousands of visitors from a
Walibi Holland - Biddinghuizen - Nederland
Walibi Holland - Biddinghuizen - Nederland
Walibi Holland - Biddinghuizen - Nederland
Walibi Holland - Biddinghuizen - Nederland
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Walibi Holland Amusement park - Biddinghuizen
Walibi Holland is an amusement park in Biddinghuizen that is known for its rollercoasters and water attractions. The park also has a number of other attractions, such as a merry-go-round and a haun
Mud Masters Biddinghuizen
Mud Masters Biddinghuizen
3 uur
Sa 23Sep2023
Su 24Sep2023
Mud Masters Biddinghuizen Survival run
The course of Mud Masters Haarlemmermeer is about 12 kilometers long and consists of more than 40 obstacles. The course runs through the meadows and forests around the Haarlemmermeer, where participan


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Frequently asked question about golf

Can I just go on the job?
You need a course permit as proof that you have mastered the golf and safety rules and basic technique, this is nowadays also called the Handicap-54 or GVB. You are then qualified and may enter all golf courses in the Netherlands. Handicap-54 (formerly GVB, or Golf Proficiency Certificate) shows that you know and understand the rules and etiquette. In addition, it is proof that you have the basic principles of the golf game under control.
Can I play golf without experience?
At Almkreek you can play on different golf courses. As one of the few golf parks in the Netherlands, Almkreek also has a golf course where you can also play golf without golf experience: our 9-hole par 3 course. Every golf course has its own challenge. View more information on the Almkreek golf course website.
Can I rent materials at locations?
Always consult the golf course website. Not every golf course has the possibility to rent golf equipment. For beginners, it is advisable to go with someone who has the equipment first. This way you can experience whether golf is a sport that suits you.
Do I have to be a member of a golf club?
No, this is not necessary. You can then 'play green fee'. A 'green fee' is a contribution that you pay as a player to play a one-off nine or eighteen holes on a golf course where you do not have playing rights through a membership. A green fee for a round of nine holes costs between 25 and 50 euros in the Netherlands. If you want to play golf more often at a golf course in your area, it is advisable to become a member of the golf club.
Is it advisable to go on golf training?
Yes, a novice golfer needs about six golf lessons to experience the basics of golf. Such as putting, chipping and the swing, in addition to playing some par three holes. ("Par" is the average number of strokes for a hole).
What does a handicap mean in golf?
The most important term in golf is 'the handicap'. Simply put, a handicap says something about the level of the golfer. The lower one's handicap, the better the golfer generally plays. Sven has a handicap of 19, Stan has a handicap of 32.5. Sven  is simply better than Stan. Handicaps thus make it possible for players of different levels to play against each other. Someone with a higher handicap gets more strokes for the same hole.
What should I know when playing golf for the first time?
For a first introduction to golf, you can take an initiation lesson at a club nearby. During an initiation lesson you will receive an explanation about golf in general and you will learn the first tricks of the trade. 

< div>You will also need a course permit as proof that you have mastered the rules of golf, safety and basic technique. You are then qualified to play on the golf course. Many novice golfers first spend many hours at the driving range, a training facility where you can practice hitting golf balls into the field.
Which clothes are suitable?
Special golf shoes are required on most golf courses. Of course special golf clothing is designed for golf, this is not a must, but if you are looking for the best clothing to wear while playing golf, we recommend special golf pants, golf polo, golf socks and in colder weather a golf jacket.


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Do you know exactly what a birdie is and how to handle the golf club to hit the ball the best, or are you a beginner just want to see how your golf skills are? Here you will find golf courses near you.
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