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Swimming in Wijhe


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Frequently asked question about Swimming

Is pool water bad for you?
The use of chlorine in swimming pool waters is not actually dangerous for you. For example, the water that has the correct chlorine value may even be healthier than water to which no chlorine has been added. Bacteria have free rein in untreated water.
Is swimming bad for your skin?
The biggest problem in causing skin irritations is chlorine in swimming pool waters, which is used in many household products and in swimming pools to clean the water from bacteria. Some swimmers experience dry, flaky skin from chlorine, especially if they already suffer from eczema or other dry skin conditions. It is therefore advisable not to go swimming if you suffer from skin conditions. Nowadays, new swimming pools use new technology, using salt water. This is many times better than swimming in water with chlorine.
Where can I safely swim outdoors?
On you will find all the information where you can swim in public bathing water. In addition, you will find all information about the clean and safety of the swimming water, which is indicated with one to three stars.
Why shower after swimming?
There is a simple reason for this: after swimming, chlorine remains on your body and a (warm) shower helps to remove the chemicals and chlorine that cause irritation.


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Do you prefer to swim laps, or do you enjoy the fastest slides and intense wild water courses? Swimming is fun for everyone! Relax after a busy day at work, or have a splashing afternoon with friends in a pool near you!
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