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In the dynamic world of the leisure, leisure, travel and events industry, it is crucial to stand out and create effective marketing materials. Whether you need flyers, leaflets, information booklets, maps or other printed products, Whado print is the solution that simplifies your design process and takes your business to the next level. With its unique features and advanced capabilities, Whado print helps you efficiently create professional designs that impress your target audience.

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Functionalities of Whado print

  • Powerful design engine based on web technology, making it easy and intuitive to create professional designs.
  • Ability to create and customize templates, including variables for personalization and flexibility.
  • Integration of dynamic content and links, so you can add information from various sources, such as activities, events and points of interest.
  • Efficient automation of printing processes, including staging repetitive printing and automatic ordering at affiliated printers.
  • Flexibility for large-scale distribution, keeping all designs connected and automatic updates.

Simplified design process

Whado print has been developed with ease of use and efficiency in mind. It offers an intuitive design engine based on web technology. This allows you to easily create templates, set variables and make adjustments to your designs. Whether you're starting from scratch, modifying an existing template or using a "variables only" template, Whado print allows you to quickly and easily create unique designs that perfectly match your specific needs.

Dynamic content and links

One of the distinguishing features of Whado print is the ability to integrate dynamic content and links into your designs. Using various online links and Whado's own rich database, you can seamlessly incorporate information such as activities, events, points of interest and more into your designs. Imagine you want to make a flyer for an information point in your city. With Whado print you can easily visualize the top 20 upcoming events on a map, including information such as reviews, opening times and specific attributes such as pet-friendliness.

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Efficient automation

Whado print goes further than just design. It also offers automated printing processes that save you time and effort. You can create templates and set up repeating printed matter, for example for monthly event overviews. The tool can automatically generate the necessary print files and even place orders with affiliated printers. This way your printed matter is always up to date and you can concentrate on other important aspects of your business.

Flexibility and personalization

With Whado print you can benefit from flexibility and personalisation. You can build your own library of templates and customize it to your liking. In addition, you can set variables so that you can quickly and easily create different versions of your designs. Whether changing texts, images or other variables, Whado print keeps everything connected so you can distribute widely and always stay up to date.

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Whado print is the solution for leisure, leisure, travel and events companies that want to simplify their printing processes and create professional designs. With its user-friendly design interface, dynamic content capabilities and efficient automation, Whado print enables you to create impactful marketing materials that differentiate your business. Take advantage of the powerful functionalities of Whado print and take your printing to the next level!

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