10 tips for a day out

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You would like to do something fun and decide to make a day out of it. There are lots of fun things to do, from visiting cities, eating out and visiting the zoo. Of course you want to make it an unforgettable day, so how do you find the right activities, events and sights for a great day out.

In this blog we will go over a number of tips in chronological order that will help you organize a successful day out. We zoom in on determining who you are going to do what with, what you are going to do and where you are going to do it all.

1. Who all are coming along

First decide whether you are going to do something independently or whether you are going to do something with several people. If you feel like doing something with several people and you don't know with whom yet, you can feel free to post a message in the group of apps, on social media or just call someone to ask if they feel like doing something .

  • Map out who is going with you.
  • Identify the ages so you can make appropriate suggestions.
  • Identify everyone's locations so you can account for travel distances when searching.

2. What do we feel like

Now that you know who is going, you can start mapping out the themes in which you would like to do something or not at all. Collect feedback from the people who are coming along and ask if they would like to do something outside or inside, something sporty, culinary or competitive, for example.

  • Identify the themes that most people are interested in.

3. Choose a moment

Make some suggestions for dates for the day out. Use a date picker for this, many of which can be found online. Try to find a date when most people who want to can come along. If too large a group of people cannot participate in the suggested dates, start a new round with different dates and try to plan a little further in the future.

It will undoubtedly happen that a few people will unfortunately not be able to participate. This is very unfortunate but not a show stopper. Communicate openly with the group and decide together whether you want to continue or rather schedule another time.

4. Map out the circumstances

It is important to properly identify the circumstances surrounding your day out. You now know who you are going to do what with, when you are going to do it and what you feel like doing. Before you can really determine what you are going to do, it is useful to map out what wishes, limitations and restrictions are, or “circumstances”.

  • Determine a budget for the day out together and start with a proposal of an amount per person.
  • What will the weather be like that day. Rainy? Sunny? Cold?
  • Are children coming? Of what age and how many?
  • Are animals included? How many?
  • Are there disabled or disabled people present to take into account?
  • Are the shops open? Activities may be closed on Sundays.
  • Are there vegetarians?
  • Are there people who only eat halal meat?
  • Are there other date related things? Think of national holidays, Ramadan and so on.

5. Choose the activities

In the previous steps we have tried to paint as complete a picture as possible of all the factors that we can take into account to organize an unforgettable day out.

We will now use all the collected information to find one or more suitable activities, events and places of interest so that we can submit them as a suggestion. We combine the suggestions we collect with the suggestions made by the participants themselves.

  • Search online via search engines and platforms such as Whado for activities that fall within the chosen themes. You can easily filter and compare on activity platforms such as Whado.
  • Compare items that fall within the same category.
  • Read reviews and experiences.
  • Take the previously determined circumstances into account when choosing suitable outings. For example, look at the travel times of the participants and the accessibility.
  • See what else there is to do nearby.

The goal is to map out one or more activities that are suitable so that they can be shared with the participants of the outing. The participants can then express their preference about which activity or activities will make your day out unforgettable.

  • Buy entrance tickets if necessary.
  • Make reservations.

It is now clear what you are all going to do and where this is all going to take place. Make sure everyone is up to date on the situation and ask everyone to update their calendar.

6. Travel efficiently by carpooling or taking public transportation.

It is not only more fun and pleasant to travel together, but it is also many times better for the environment. In addition, it is often more effective for busier places to arrive with fewer vehicles because, for example, parking spaces can fill up quickly.

  • Buy a parking ticket in advance or plan your journey by public transport.
  • Try to travel together by carpooling, for example.
  • Agree well in advance who is traveling with whom and who is responsible for what.
  • Buy your travel tickets on time
  • Decide who all are the bob (no alcohol).

7. Stay overnight

It can of course happen that a day away is far from home and that it is actually a shame to make a very long journey and then return after a few hours. Consider whether it might be an option to book an overnight stay so that you get more out of your travel time investment.

  • Decide if you want an overnight stay
  • Check online whether there are suitable overnight stays.
  • Validate and communicate with all participants.
  • Book your overnight stay in advance so that you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises.

8. Pets

If you are going away for the day and your loyal pets are not coming along, you may need to arrange childcare or make sure they are fed and walked.

  • Make sure there is always enough to drink for your pet.
  • Make sure it doesn't get too hot or too cold in your pet's stay.
  • Plan a shelter in advance or arrange a walking service or ask your family, friends or neighbors if they can help you.

9. Check check, before departure

Before you leave, it is useful to make a checklist and to prepare things so that this does not have to be done last minute.

  • Create your own checklist and share it with the participants.

Every day out is different and requires its own personalized checklist. Some tips to keep in mind are:

  • Food and drink.
  • Money, ID and phone.
  • Tickets and reservation information at hand.
  • Rainwear and umbrella or a swimsuit and towel.
  • Check current traffic.
  • Check public transport.
  • Check the travel time and departure on time.
  • Food and drink for your pets.
  • Check in and validate with the people who will look after your pet.
  • Empty your trash cans.
  • Close doors and windows, lock everything and possibly turn on your alarm.
  • Put your container aside.
  • Determine who the bob(s) are.
  • Make sure you have enough food and drink in the house before you return so that you don't come back to an empty house. Also think about food and drink for the pets.

Communicate your checklist before departure with the participants of your day out so that they can make additions and of course also use your checklist!

10. Nice to come home.

Finally, a little extra tip. To come home comfortably, we recommend that you clean everything in the house before departure, empty the trash cans and change the beds. This way you come back to a fresh house after a wonderful day out and you don't have to get to work anymore.

  • Empty the trash cans.
  • Clean the countertop.
  • Change your bed.
  • Fill the refrigerator.
  • Make sure your clothes are washed.
  • Enough food and drink in the house for your return.
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