Devlog #1


Welcome to the very first Whado Devlog. In this devlog we will keep you informed of the developments that we at Whado are adding to the platform, our plans and what we are currently working on. We like having you here!

We recently added the blog module to our system and from now on we would like to include you in the developments of our platform. In this series, we start by sharing the latest changes from the past two weeks.

Dynamic content rendering

We've been working hard on our dynamic content rendering system. This system allows us to use a fine combination of existing components on the platform for the content we make available on Whado. Some of the components developed to date on the dynamic content rendering system are:

  • Multi language rendering
  • Loading maps with references to listings on Whado.
  • Loading listings of your choice or based on a search query.
  • Loading standalone listings.
  • Pre-rendering of the content in multiple languages.
  • Crawler optimization through JSON/LD.
Voorbeeld content render module van een blog op Whado

The completion of this system is a crucial development for Whado to make content available to end users on the platform. This increases the output of features and content that we can generate to show to end users immensely. A direct example of this feature is the blog you are reading now, which was created in our new module. For more advanced examples, you can check out our other blogs from the main menu.

GEO location geometry

Our GEO location facility has been completely renewed. It is difficult to have a good provision of location information and the previous system did not meet our needs. Because the new system has been arranged differently and has been enriched with its own geometric polygons, the location provision has been considerably improved. We have also added the ability to store various geometric attributes, so that we can visually provide polygons to places and representations of them on maps within Whado. We need this system to make it accessible to ourselves and end users to map out routes and give indications that will be visually processed on our maps.

Image facility

Our content graphics facility has been enhanced by using source sets. As a result, the image format that will be displayed is dealt with more effectively and our system gets a lower LCP.

Bug fixes & minor improvements

As with any piece of software, there are always a lot of bugs to fix. Below is a list of the bugs we've fixed recently:

  • The routing on some pages exhibited inappropriate behavior.
  • Switching between languages on pages other than the home page did not always work.
  • Searching for friends sometimes didn't work.
  • Users were sometimes logged out even if they did not perform this action themselves.
  • In some cases, country errors arose when submitting change requests.
  • Filtering private and shared lists did not work as desired, resulting in no results at times.
  • The default lists can now be shared with friends.
  • Improved cache control for raw assets.
  • Searching by place names separate from the plate resource is now allowed.

We are excited to share these changes with you and look forward to the next steps in Whado's development. Thanks for reading this Devlog and stay tuned for further updates!

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