Overijssel is a province that has everything; a vibrant city life, fun events, authentic villages, and nature. With its beautiful landscapes, charming cities, and cozy villages, Overijssel offers a fantastic destination for anyone looking for adventure and relaxation. Whether you're a lover of culture, nature, or a combination of both, Overijssel has it all.

The province of Overijssel is characterized by the many streams and rivers that cut through the sandy soil. And of course, by the river IJssel, which the province is named after. There's a lot to do around all that water, and that was also the case in the past, as Overijssel is home to many Hanseatic cities.

Zwolle, Kampen, Hasselt, Deventer, Ommen, and Oldenzaal were part of the Hanseatic League, an alliance between German and Northern European trading cities, which sought to protect and expand their trade by working together, from the 12th to the 16th century. These cities are filled with historical buildings and are each a picture to visit. But besides strolling through the beautiful streets of these Hanseatic cities, there is much more to discover in Overijssel.



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