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Balls and Arrows Lelystad  
airsoft in Lelystad

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Frequently asked question about airsoft

How many airsoft places are there in the Netherlands?
In the Netherlands you can play airsoft at 26 locations, please note that it is not possible to play airsoft in every province. Airsoft may only be offered by associations with a license from the Ministry of Justice. View all locations at our card.
How many people play airsoft in the Netherlands?
The tactical shooting sport of airsoft has been legal in the Netherlands since 2013 and since then the number of members of the Dutch Airsoft Sports Association (NABV) has risen sharply: from 5,000 in 2015 to 20,000 in 2019.
Is airsoft painful?
Airsoft is less painful than paintball, for example. In airsoft you play with biodegradable plastic balls of 6 mm. These bullets are a lot smaller than the bullets (paintballs) in paintball and hurt less when you get them shot at you.
What is Airsoft?
Airsoft is a fairly new shooting sport in which two or more teams compete against each other in different forms of play, such as a different environment such as indoors or outdoors and places with much or little shelter. Unlike paintball, airsoft focuses mainly on reality. The airsoft guns are also called replicas because the exterior and use are identical to real weapons. The equipment of the players is often indistinguishable from real uniforms. Airsoft is also seen as ‘combat simulation’ and is so close to reality that it is used by police and military for training purposes.
What is the minimum age to play airsoft?
In the Netherlands, the minimum age for airsoft is legally set at 18 years. Also In Belgiumë the minimum age for airsoft is legally set at 18 years, unlike paintball. It is therefore not allowed to participate in airsoft games under that age.
What should you wear during airsoft?
Sometimes there are organizations that have dress codes such as: camouflage for one team and no camouflage for the other team. But in your normal clothing you do stand out between all those natural forest colors that you have at the average airsoft location. Camouflage clothing is therefore highly recommended. In addition, glasses are mandatory and in some cases you need your own replica (weapon).
Where can you play airsoft?
If you are a member of the Dutch Airsoft Interests Association (NABV) or are a member of an airsoft sports association recognized by the Minister of Justice and Security, an airsoft weapon (spring, gas or air pressure weapons with a maximum shot power of 3.5 joules) is required. Allowed. But here too, it may not be used in public areas such as public roads or grounds.


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Airsoft is a popular shooting sport that is played all over the world. Airsoft devices, with which you shoot small 6mm balls, look exactly like real weapons. There are different disciplines, such as card shooting, trail shooting and Skirmen. With the latter you fight in a realistic way with your team against the opponent.
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