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Lawn Tennis Vereniging Lelystad  
Padel in Lelystad

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Frequently asked question about Padel

Can I use my own rackets and balls?
This is even common at most padel courts. Always ask the landlord or association whether it is possible to rent rackets and balls.
Do I have to be a member of the KNLTB?
The KNLTB membership offers advantages for padel players. Among other things, this gives you more access to padel courts of associations. When booking they will ask for a membership number.
Is padel more difficult than tennis?
Padel is technically less difficult, because you don't have to play a complex overhand service, for example, but an easier underhand service. In addition, the strokes are often flat with some rotation here and there such as: slice and topspin. The players also talk about padel being more fun than tennis.
What are the Padel rules?
The ball may only touch the ground once, not more often. The ball may be played before and after the bounce. The ball must bounce once before it bounces off the glass or fence. If the ball hits the fence before going over the net, there is a foul.
Why is padel so popular?
There are many reasons why everyone starts playing padel: You don't have to have any experience, everyone can start, which makes the sport very accessible. You can play Padel both indoors and outdoors and this makes it possible during all seasons. Nowadays you will find a padel court in every city or village. You can find a complete overview with us at
With how many people do you play Padel?
Padel is usually played in doubles (two against two). However, Padel can also be played alone (one against one) your condition will be tested a bit more because you have to bridge more distance.


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Padel is a popular sport that is gaining ground. The mix between squash and tennis is so entertaining that many people don't give up pading at once. So be warned, because before you know it you can be found on the padel court every week.
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