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Movie Unlimited Kampen Cinema - Kampen
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De Meerpaal Cinema - Dronten
Bioscoop Steenwijk entree
Luxor Steenwijk zijkant mozaiek
2.5 uur
Luxor Cinema - Steenwijk
At Luxor Cinemas it's all about luxurious seats. Sink into the soft leather cushions and operate the illuminated buttons in the relaxation chairs to adjust the back and footrest. With us you can simpl
Luxor - Meppel - Nederland
Luxor - Meppel - Nederland
Luxor - Meppel - Nederland
Luxor - Meppel - Nederland
Luxor - Meppel - Nederland
Luxor - Meppel - Nederland
Luxor Cinema - Meppel
Watch your favorite films in the Luxor cinema in Meppel. On average, visitors to Luxor give a score of 4.6. The full address is Kruisstraat 20-01, Meppel Netherlands. Check the website to see which fi
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De Bios Cinema - Heerenveen
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Cinema Enkhuizen Cinema - Enkhuizen
Pathé - Zwolle - Nederland
Pathé - Zwolle - Nederland
Pathé - Zwolle - Nederland
Pathé - Zwolle - Nederland
Pathé - Zwolle - Nederland
Pathé - Zwolle - Nederland
2 uur
Pathé Cinema - Zwolle
Modern and comfortable cinema with a wide choice of films of different genres. Pathé Zwolle has several rooms, including a large IMAX room. The cinema also offers a number of additional services
Filmtheater Fraterhuis - Zwolle - Nederland
Filmtheater Fraterhuis - Zwolle - Nederland
Filmtheater Fraterhuis Cinema - Zwolle
A lovely little cinema located in Zwolle. This cinema likes to contribute to the  social, political and cultural awareness process by showing films and other audiovisual work for a wide audience. T
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CineSneek Cinema - Sneek
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Kunstcentrum Catharinakapel Cinema - Harderwijk
Bioscoop Kok CinemaxX - Harderwijk - Nederland
Bioscoop Kok CinemaxX - Harderwijk - Nederland
Bioscoop Kok CinemaxX Cinema - Harderwijk
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Cinema Oostereiland Cinema - Hoorn


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Frequently asked question about Cinema

At which cinemas is there an intermission?
According to the Kinepolis website, they hold a break for all films in all cinemas as standard. At the other cinemas, breaks are usually only held for children's films and films longer than 135 minutes.
Can you cancel a movie ticket?
According to the two largest cinema providers (Pathé and Kinepolis), it is possible to cancel tickets according to the right of withdrawal. Of course only possible if the film has not yet been visited.
How many minutes late can you be at the cinema?
The visitor must be present in the room no more than 15 minutes after the start of the film. After these 15 minutes it can reasonably be said that the main film has started and that access to the room can be refused in order to prevent inconvenience to other visitors.
What does a B movie mean?
A B-movie is a film usually released with a relatively smaller budget and (in some cases) with new or unknown actors, a film with little publicity.
What does OV and NV mean for a cinema film?
OV means original version, which means 'undubbed'. Original version, so not spoken translated into Dutch. So is the movie with subtitles. NV therefore means that the film has been 'post-translated'. 
What does 'XD' mean in a movie theater?
An XD experience is a specially developed technique to offer the best sound, image and comfort. The XD is unlike any other local theater or cinema. The XD's silver screen extends from ceiling to floor and wall to wall.
What is the difference between 3D, 4D and XD?
The special 4DX rooms sometimes have up to twenty effects that run synchronously during the movie playback. Including moving seats, weather simulations and even smells. The seats move up and down, side to side and front to back. For example, these movements can give you the feeling of flying or diving.


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Some movies are not made to be watched on TV. In a cinema you can watch the latest blockbusters or art house films on a large screen, and enjoy the always impressive cinema sound (and perhaps also a nice date).
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