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Solex driving in Emmeloord


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Frequently asked question about Solex driving

Do all Solexes drive at the same speed?
No, not all Solexes drive at the same speed. This may be related to the adjustment of the moped or the weight of the driver. 
From what age can Solex be ridden?
You can drive a Solex from the age of 16. The person in question must also be in possession of a valid moped or car driver's license.
Is a Solex now a moped or light moped?
A Solex is a light moped. Legally, Solexes built before 1974 can be converted to light mopeds. They have a moped plate, but because they only drive at 25 km/h, it remains a moped. You are not obliged to wear a helmet due to these regulations, but we do recommend this.
What happens in bad weather?
In most cases, you will be contacted to reschedule the appointment. There is also the possibility at some organizations to receive a bad weather voucher, a new date is not immediately planned.
Which clothes are suitable?
It is advisable to wear old clothes, because you can get dirty on the way during the tour. In addition, we advise you to always wear long pants and a garment with long sleeves, an accident is sometimes in a small corner. Sometimes it can also be another road user that puts you at risk, prevention is always better than cure.”


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Solex driving

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If you can cycle you can also ride a Solex, but you don't have to pedal on a Solex! So you can relax and enjoy your Solex tour in a beautiful area nearby - which you see a lot, because on average you drive about 20 to 35 km per hour.
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