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Schouwburg Agnietenhof  
Theater in Tiel

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Schouwburg & Filmtheater Agnietenhof Cinema - Tiel
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1 uur
Q-Billiards Tiel pool - Tiel
We are Q-Billiards, the largest and coziest pool, snooker and darts center in the region. With 10 pool tables, 2 snooker tables, 1 carom table and 3 darts, there is something for everyone. Q-Billia
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Fr 09Dec2022
Sa 10Dec2022
Su 11Dec2022
Fr 16Dec2022
Sa 17Dec2022
Su 18Dec2022
Kerstmarkt Tiel Christmas market - Tiel
Enjoy the Christmas market in Tiel with almost 100 Christmas houses, a beautiful ice rink, Santa Claus and beautiful Christmas carols. Visit the Christmas market on December 09, 10 and 11 between 12:0
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Optisport Waalslag Swimming - Tiel
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1 uur
Lawntennisvereniging De Ridderweide Padel - Tiel
Appelpop Festival - Tiel - Nederland
Appelpop Festival - Tiel - Nederland
Appelpop Festival - Tiel - Nederland
6 uur
Fr 08Sep2023
Sa 09Sep2023
Appelpop Festival Festival - Tiel
Appelpop is an annual free pop festival that takes place in Tiel, the Netherlands. The festival was first held in 1992 and has since grown into one of the largest and most popular festivals in the Net
Betuwse fietsvierdaagse - Kerk-Avezaath - Nederland
5 uur
Th 18May2023
Fr 19May2023
Sa 20May2023
Su 21May2023
Betuwse fietsvierdaagse Cycling four days - Kerk-Avezaath
The Four Days of Cycling will take place from 18 May (Ascension Day) to Sunday 21 May. This year, the long-distance riders will visit the Amerongse Bos for the first time in years. The Lingeroute on F
Wipeout Zoelen - Zoelen - Nederland
3 uur
Wipeout Zoelen Sweeper/wipeout - Zoelen
This adventurous event, inspired by the well-known TV program, takes place at the beautiful Beldert Beach recreation area, located in the province of Gelderland.
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Golfvereniging De Batouwe golf - Zoelen
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3 uur
De Kruithof Botanical Garden - Ophemert
With the many different theme gardens, each with its own character, botanical garden De Kruidhof, located between Leeuwarden and Groningen, is more than worth a visit.
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Waterskicentrum Splash! Water skiing - Heerewaarden
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Betuwsch Badhuys Wellness center - Lienden


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Frequently asked question about Theater

How many theaters are there in the Netherlands?
The Netherlands had 644 performing arts venues in 2019, a distinction is made in the count between theaters and music venues. At the music venues, a distinction is made between small, medium and large venues. There are a total of 249 concert halls in the Netherlands, of which 172 are small halls (less than 400 visitors), 65 medium-sized halls (400-999 visitors) and twelve large halls (more than 1000 visitors). The number of concert halls is much higher. There are a total of 678 theater halls in the Netherlands, of which 292 are small halls (less than 200 visitors), 202 are medium-sized halls (200-499 visitors) and 184 are large theater halls that can accommodate more than 500 visitors. These data were consulted from the website
What forms of theater are there?
The theater is an inspiring place. You will be entertained, you can relax, let yourself be carried away in a story, or you will be made to think. In short, a versatile place. The theater is a collective name for a show or performance in which the performance is performed in front of an audience. There are different forms of theatre: plays (drama, comedy or tragedy), musicals, cabaret performances, ballet or dance and song and music (opera or modern).
What is the largest hall in the Netherlands?
In addition to the most beautiful theater, the Royal Theater Carré also the largest theater in the Netherlands. The theater has a large hall that has 1756 seats.
What is the longest running musical?
The longest-running Dutch musical is Soldaat van Oranje, the musical was recently extended and can therefore be seen until March 2023. Soldaat van Oranje celebrated its twelve-year anniversary last weekend (November 2022), and the end does not seem to be in sight.


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In the theater you imagine yourself in a different world. Far away from the daily worries, enjoy a beautiful performance, your favorite comedian, dance show or musical, and then come home completely relaxed.
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