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Theater De Spiegel  
Theater in Zwolle

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Oikoa Massage parlour - Zwolle
Step into an oasis of calm. A nice atmosphere, wonderful smell, comfortably warm and the best thing, you don't have to do anything. Are you ready for relaxation or is your body bothering y
't Pannenkoekschip - Zwolle - Nederland
't Pannenkoekschip Restaurant - Zwolle
Good food while sailing? Order through the window at the pancake ship. Also accessible via the quay and possibilities to sit inside. A well-known place among residents of Zwolle for years. Around the
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1 uur
The Great Escape Escape rooms - Zwolle
The Great Escape Escaperoom is an exciting escape room located in Zwolle, the Netherlands. Here groups of 2 to 6 people can work together to solve a puzzle and escape from a virtual room within a c
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Kattencafé Skatjes Cat cafe - Zwolle
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Café ‘t Beugeltje Cafe - Zwolle
Located in the historic wine carrier tower, 't Beugeltje is one of the nicest cafes in Zwolle. With a beautiful location next to the canal, this is the ideal location to enjoy the sun while enjoying a
Duikcentrum De Tuimelaar Zwolle - Zwolle - Nederland
Duikcentrum De Tuimelaar Zwolle - Zwolle - Nederland
3 uur
Duikcentrum De Tuimelaar To dive - Zwolle
The diving trial lesson is organized on Friday evening in swimming pool 'De Vrolijkheid'; in Zwolle. Before the lesson there is a theory lesson in our dive center. Saturday and Sunday morning class
Lekker Zwols - Zwolle - Nederland
Lekker Zwols - Zwolle - Nederland
Lekker Zwols - Zwolle - Nederland
Lekker Zwols Restaurant - Zwolle
Cozy restaurant with terrace. Inside atmospheric and view outside through the many large windows.
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0.5 uur
Café de Stoof - darts Darts - Zwolle
Binnenstad - Zwolle - Nederland
Binnenstad - Zwolle - Nederland
Binnenstad - Zwolle - Nederland
Binnenstad - Zwolle - Nederland
Binnenstad - Zwolle - Nederland
Binnenstad - Zwolle - Nederland
Binnenstad - Zwolle - Nederland
Binnenstad Shop - Zwolle
Zwolle has an authentic city center surrounded by city canals with a lot of atmospheric restaurants and terraces. The wide shopping streets make it pleasant to walk through the city.
Søstrene Grene - Zwolle - Nederland
0.15 uur
Søstrene Grene Store - Zwolle
Nice cozy shop with many small items for the creative. From tasty tea flavors to fun wrapping paper, painting supplies, children's toys and much more. Really a shop to browse.
Stadscafé Blij - Zwolle - Nederland
Stadscafé Blij Cafe - Zwolle
Atmospheric café in the middle of the city, with a conservatory and many outdoor seating areas.
Blue Sakura - Zwolle - Nederland
Blue Sakura Restaurant - Zwolle
All you can eat sushi restaurant with dishes for non fish eaters. Set in a beautiful church.


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Frequently asked question about Theater

How many theaters are there in the Netherlands?
The Netherlands had 644 performing arts venues in 2019, a distinction is made in the count between theaters and music venues. At the music venues, a distinction is made between small, medium and large venues. There are a total of 249 concert halls in the Netherlands, of which 172 are small halls (less than 400 visitors), 65 medium-sized halls (400-999 visitors) and twelve large halls (more than 1000 visitors). The number of concert halls is much higher. There are a total of 678 theater halls in the Netherlands, of which 292 are small halls (less than 200 visitors), 202 are medium-sized halls (200-499 visitors) and 184 are large theater halls that can accommodate more than 500 visitors. These data were consulted from the website
What forms of theater are there?
The theater is an inspiring place. You will be entertained, you can relax, let yourself be carried away in a story, or you will be made to think. In short, a versatile place. The theater is a collective name for a show or performance in which the performance is performed in front of an audience. There are different forms of theatre: plays (drama, comedy or tragedy), musicals, cabaret performances, ballet or dance and song and music (opera or modern).
What is the largest hall in the Netherlands?
In addition to the most beautiful theater, the Royal Theater Carré also the largest theater in the Netherlands. The theater has a large hall that has 1756 seats.
What is the longest running musical?
The longest-running Dutch musical is Soldaat van Oranje, the musical was recently extended and can therefore be seen until March 2023. Soldaat van Oranje celebrated its twelve-year anniversary last weekend (November 2022), and the end does not seem to be in sight.


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In the theater you imagine yourself in a different world. Far away from the daily worries, enjoy a beautiful performance, your favorite comedian, dance show or musical, and then come home completely relaxed.
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