10 tips for an active company outing

Sven Peeters
Sven Peeters19-04-2023
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A company outing can strengthen the team building and morale of your employees. But how do you ensure that the outing is not only fun, but also active? In this blog we share 10 valuable tips for an active company outing. From sporting activities to creative workshops, discover how you can motivate your colleagues to actively participate and have an unforgettable day. Whether you have a small or large team, these tips are suitable for everyone. Read on for practical ideas and inspiration for your next company outing!

10. Boules & Bites: Jeu de Boules as an icebreaker

Boules & Bites Til
Boules & Bites Til
Boules & Bites Til
Boules & Bites Til
1 uur
Boulesbitesbar Tilburg Boules - Tilburg

Jeu de Boules, a popular French ball sport, is an excellent way to promote collaboration and communication between colleagues. At Boules & Bites, teams can compete in a friendly competition, where strategy and skill are equally important. Beginners are very welcome and the basic rules are easy to learn. Soon you will be laughing and cheering as you work together to defeat the opponents.

Customized arrangements

Boules & Bites offers tailor-made packages for company outings. Depending on the size of your team and your specific needs, you can choose from different packages that suit your budget and needs. Think of an exclusive Jeu de Boules clinic, an extensive tasting or a fully catered dinner. The friendly staff is ready to help you plan an unforgettable evening.

9. Prison Escape: the company outing in a lifelike prison environment

Prison Escape Breda
Prison Escape Breda
Prison Escape Breda - Breda - Nederland
Prison Escape Breda
Prison Escape Breda
3 uur
Prison Escape Breda Escape rooms - Breda
Prison Escape in Breda is an interactive and exciting experience where you get the chance to escape from a prison. The prison is located in the former dome prison of Breda, which was used as a peniten

An Immersive and Realistic Experience

Prison Escape Breda takes place in the historic Koepelgevangenis, which is transformed into an immersive and realistic prison experience. You and your colleagues are given the role of prisoners and are challenged to escape within 3 hours. Using smart strategies, cooperation and creative solutions, you will have to rise to the challenge of outsmarting the guards and reclaiming your freedom.

Team Building and Problem Solving

Prison Escape Breda is specifically designed to promote team building and problem solving skills. As you search for ways to escape, you will find that effective communication, collaboration and the pooling of individual talents are crucial to achieving your goals. The experience encourages team members to trust each other and work together under pressure, which will ultimately strengthen bonds between colleagues and promote collaboration in the workplace.

Customizable Arrangements

Prison Escape Breda offers customizable packages suitable for teams of different sizes. Whether you are with a small team of 10 people or a larger group of 50 colleagues, Prison Escape Breda can tailor the experience to your wishes and needs. In addition to the escape experience, a fully catered package can also be offered, including catering and extra activities, so that you can enjoy your company outing to the fullest.

8. Clay Pigeon Shooting at Dorhout Mees: An Adrenaline Boosting Company Outing Full of Competition

Dorhout Mees - Biddinghuizen - Nederland
Dorhout Mees - Biddinghuizen - Nederland
Dorhout Mees - Biddinghuizen - Nederland
2 uur
Dorhout Mees Shooting sports - Biddinghuizen
Dorhout Mees offers various activities. One of the possibilities is shooting sports. You can come as an individual, a small and as a large group. This is possible to get acquainted

Clay pigeon shooting is a sport in which participants attempt to shoot skeet, disc-shaped targets, out of the air. At Dorhout Mees, this activity is offered in a safe and professional environment. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, you and your colleagues will learn how to handle the shotguns and improve your shooting skills.

Team Building and Competition

Clay pigeon shooting at Dorhout Mees is a great way to promote team building and encourage a healthy competitive spirit. Colleagues will need to support and encourage each other to get the best out of themselves, while refining their own skills at the same time. This exciting activity helps build trust and promote collaboration within the team.

Customizable Arrangements

Dorhout Mees offers tailor-made packages for company outings, tailored to the size of your team and your specific wishes. In addition to clay pigeon shooting, various other activities are available, such as golf, archery or team building games, so that you can put together a varied program that suits your team.

7. Buggy Riding: An Adventurous Company Outing at Different Locations

Buggy riding is an exciting off-road activity where you drive small, open vehicles specially designed for rugged terrain. During a buggy driving outing, you and your colleagues will work together to navigate challenging routes, overcome obstacles and create unforgettable moments. Buggy riding promotes team building through cooperation and trust and provides a healthy dose of adrenaline and fun.

Locations For Buggy Riding as a Company Outing

There are several locations in the Netherlands and Belgium where you can organize a buggy driving company outing. Here are some popular options:

Veluwe Buggy Rental (Veluwe, Netherlands)
buggy-huren.nl - Voorthuizen - Netherlands
buggy-huren.nl driving buggy - Voorthuizen
Buggyhuren.nl in Voorthuizen offers a unique and adventurous way to enjoy the nature and landscape of the Veluwe. With their extensive range of buggies, guided tours and packages, there is something f

Located on the beautiful Veluwe, Veluwe Buggyverhuur offers an unforgettable experience in one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands. Choose from different routes and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes as you drive through forests, sand drifts and heaths with your colleagues.

Buggy driving Breda (Breda, Netherlands)
Buggy Rijden Breda - Breda - Netherlands
Buggy Rijden Breda driving buggy - Breda
Buggydrivingbreda.com is a website that focuses on offering buggy driving experiences in the Breda region. The company offers a wide range of buggies for both individuals and groups, ranging from off-

During the tour, a guide drives a quad in front and they let you explore the most beautiful and fun roads in the region. You will receive an instruction of approximately 30 minutes in advance. Then you leave for the more than 1-hour ride. There is also a stop along the way for a driver change.

6. Car Smash: A Unique and Stress Relieving Company Outing

Carsmash Amsterdam - Amsterdam - Nederland
2 uur
Carsmash Amsterdam Car smash - Amsterdam
CarSmash is heaven on earth: a grim junkyard filled with scrap metal. Let yourself go and find out how much damage you can do before the brick goes out of business. In combination with fun game

Car Smash is an unconventional team building activity where you as a team get the chance to express your frustrations and stress by completely demolishing a car. Armed with hammers, axes, melee weapons and even a baseball bat, you and your colleagues will work together to destroy the car within the allotted time. Car Smash promotes team building and provides hilarity, adrenaline and fun.

Car Smash Amsterdam

CarSmash is heaven on earth: a grim junkyard filled with scrap iron. Let yourself go and find out how much damage you can do before the brick goes out of business. In combination with fun game elements, we ensure that you have a fantastic afternoon with us.

Safety at CarSmash Amsterdam

At CarSmash Amsterdam, the safety of the participants is paramount. To ensure that everyone can safely enjoy the activity, the following measures are taken:

  • Safety Equipment: All participants will be provided with protective gear including helmets, goggles, gloves and coveralls.
  • Safety instructions: Prior to the activity, participants receive a clear safety briefing from experienced instructors. The do's and don'ts are discussed here, so that everyone can get to work in a responsible manner.
  • Controlled Environment: The Car Smash terrain is specially designed for this activity and offers enough space to move around safely.
Cost of Car Smash

The costs of Car Smash depend on the package chosen and the number of participants. In general, the prices include the necessary materials, safety equipment and expert guidance. Group discounts are often available for larger groups. It is advisable to contact Car Smash in advance to receive a tailor-made quote.

5. Wipeout in Zoelen: Overcome Hilarious and Challenging Obstacles

Wipeout Zoelen - Zoelen - Nederland
3 uur
Wipeout Zoelen Sweeper/wipeout - Zoelen
This adventurous event, inspired by the well-known TV program, takes place at the beautiful Beldert Beach recreation area, located in the province of Gelderland.

Are you looking for an unforgettable company outing that combines team building, challenge and fun? Wipeout in Zoelen is a perfect choice! Based on the hit television show, this spectacular activity offers you the chance to overcome a series of hilarious and challenging obstacles together with your colleagues. In this blog you will discover what Wipeout in Zoelen has to offer as a company outing and why it is the ideal destination for your next team outing.

Wipeout in Zoelen, located on the event grounds of Holland Evenementen Groep, offers a unique and exciting team building experience. With six different obstacle courses, including the iconic Big Red Balls, the Sweeper and the Dizzy Dummy, you and your colleagues will push your limits and support each other to reach the finish line. Wipeout in Zoelen promotes team building, cooperation and perseverance, while also providing a healthy dose of adrenaline and fun.

4. Expedition Robinson at De IJzeren Man in Vught: A company outing full of team building

Expeditie Robinson - Vught - Nederland
3 uur
Expeditie Robinson Team games - Vught
Expedition Robinson at the IJzeren Man in Vught. This beautiful recreational area, located in North Brabant, was the perfect location for a day full of adventure, team building and fun.

Test your survival skills during various activities such as making fire without a lighter and building a sturdy raft or catapult. Go all out and collect as many amulets as you can to earn a head start in the all-important final test. But strength and good cooperation alone are not enough. Does your team also have the necessary brains? Answer the Robinson questions correctly, conquer the tropical climbing palm and come out on top in the island council.

Can you solve the puzzles and determine the right tactics? Join forces and put your colleagues to the test!

Inspired by the hit reality show, this exciting activity challenges you to take on a series of physical and mental challenges along with your peers. During the event, you and your colleagues will participate in a series of physical and mental challenges, such as building a raft, solving riddles and performing various skill tests. Expedition Robinson promotes team building!

3. Race Square: Experience the Thrill of Racing with Race Simulators

At Race Square, you and your colleagues will be immersed in an immersive racing experience using state-of-the-art racing simulators. You will have the chance to test your racing skills and compete against your teammates on some of the world's most famous circuits. Race Square promotes team building, communication and competition, while also providing a healthy dose of adrenaline and fun.

Three Locations for Your Ultimate Racing Experience

There are several locations in the Netherlands where you can organize a Car Smash company outing. Here are three popular options:

Racesquare Utrecht - Utrecht - Nederland
Racesquare Utrecht - Utrecht - Nederland
1 uur
Racesquare Utrecht Sim racing - Utrecht
Sim racing at RaceSquare is a great way to experience the thrill of car racing without the expense or risk of real racing. The professional simulators offer a realistic and authentic racing experience

Racesquare Utrecht is located in The Wall along the A2. Do you challenge your friends or colleagues? Driving an entire Formula 1 weekend? You can do that with us! choose from the most beautiful Formula 1 circuits, compete together on the track for victory, show who is the best and extinguish the fire with a beer at the bar. Winning is nowhere better than in the Utrecht flagship of Racesquare!

Racesquare Rotterdam - Rotterdam - Nederland
1 uur
Racesquare Rotterdam Sim racing - Rotterdam
sim racing at Race Square is a great way to experience the thrill of car racing without the expense or risk of real racing. The professional simulators offer a realistic and authentic racing experienc

With its unique location opposite the holy Kuip, Racesquare Rotterdam in combination with the Hollywood Event Center is THE race outing of Rotterdam. Beat your friends or colleagues in a race, take place in the motion simulators, feel the g-force in the corners and fight to the finish line for the win. Celebrate the win at the bar, discover all other leisure activities and take revenge on the track. Racesquare Rotterdam has it all!

Racesquare Zwolle - Zwolle - Nederland
Racesquare Zwolle - Zwolle - Nederland
Racesquare Zwolle - Zwolle - Nederland
Racesquare Zwolle - Zwolle - Nederland
1.5 uur
Racesquare Zwolle Sim racing - Zwolle
Feel like you are really in an F1 car? Go sim racing at race square Zwolle. Simeracing involves sitting in a specially made seat and using a real racing wheel and pedals that make

For the ultimate race experience in Zwolle you have to be at Racesquare Zwolle. Located in a unique location in the stadium of PEC Zwolle. Will you compete with your friends and family? Will you show them who the best driver is? Toast to victory with a view of the football field of the blue fingers? Then Racesquare Zwolle is the place for you! Will you be the first to cross the finish line? Show everyone who the Champion is and take revenge at the bar or on the track!

2. Slip Course: An Exciting and Challenging Road Experience

BMW Driving Experience Slotemakers - Zandvoort - Nederland
BMW Driving Experience Slotemakers Slip course - Zandvoort
This skid course is designed to teach participants how to react to dangerous situations on the road, such as skidding and aquaplaning. It's a fun and educational experience you won't soon forget.

If you are looking for an exciting and challenging experience on the road, a slip course at Slipschool Slotenmakers in Zandvoort is a great option. This skid course is designed to teach participants how to react to dangerous situations on the road, such as skidding and aquaplaning. It's a fun and educational experience you won't soon forget.

basic principles

The slip course at Slipschool Slotenmakers starts with an introduction to the basic principles of slippage and how to respond to it. This is done by experienced instructors who will teach you how to maintain control of the car during a skid or aquaplaning. After the introduction you will then get behind the wheel yourself and practice in a controlled environment with different situations.

Emergency stop on wet road

One of the most important parts of the skid course is practicing emergency braking on wet roads. This involves driving at a high speed and suddenly having to brake hard. This is a situation that often occurs on the road and you need to be able to react quickly to avoid a collision. This exercise teaches you how to brake effectively and how to maintain control of the car in an emergency situation.

At the end of the slip course you will receive a certificate as proof of participation. This certificate can be useful when purchasing car insurance or when applying for a job where driving skills are important.

1. Dropping on the Veluwe: A secret team building activity

Dropping Veluwe - Adventure Veluwe - Harderwijk - Nederland
2 uur
Dropping Veluwe - Adventure Veluwe Dropping - Harderwijk
An army truck will take you to a remote location in the Veluwe, where you will then be dropped. From then on, it's up to your group to find their way back on their own, all within a two-hour time limi

What is a drop?

A drop is an exciting activity in which your team is dropped at a secret location and then has to follow a route to return to the starting point. The goal is to find your way back using a map, compass or other navigation aids. This can be a challenging and exciting experience, especially when it's dark and you have no idea where you are.

Dropping on the Veluwe

The Veluwe is a beautiful nature reserve in the Netherlands and offers a great location for a drop. During a drop in the Veluwe you can enjoy the beauty of nature while at the same time taking on an exciting challenge with your team.

You start the dropping at a secret location on the Veluwe. You are dropped and then you have to find your way back to the starting point with the help of a map and compass. Along the way you will encounter various obstacles and challenges, such as crossing a river or finding a hidden treasure.

A drop at the Veluwe is not only exciting, it is also a great way to get your team to work together and communicate. During the drop, you must work together to find your way back and help each other solve challenges. This can ensure better team dynamics and collaboration in the future.

What can you expect?

A drop on the Veluwe usually takes several hours and is suitable for teams of different sizes. You don't need any special skills to participate, but it can be useful to have some experience with map reading and navigation.

Before the drop you will receive a short instruction on how to use the map and compass. You will then be dropped at the secret location and the challenge to return to the starting point will begin. During the drop you can enjoy the beautiful nature of the Veluwe and work together with your team to overcome the challenges.

After the drop you can chat with your team and enjoy a snack and drink. It's a great way to relax and enjoy a unique experience with your colleagues.

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